The Storm

KA-BOOM!!!!! FLASH! Light pierced into my room and danced upon my weary eyelids. After entering into my first REM cycle, I was loudly awakened by a violent storm thrashing the wood panels against my window. Electricty radiated the air as the lightning darted through my window with such brilliancy that I was sure it was the second-coming of Christ! Ok, Jesus I’m ready!

Crack! Bang! Thud! Ok, I’m officially up now, what was that? Stumbling out of bed in a sleepy malaise, I made my way over to the window.( Completely neglecting the fact that standing next to a large window during a lightning storm wasn’t the brightest idea.) Crinkling my toes against the ledge, I tried to ascertain the origin of the loud thud that smashed up against my window. ( Visibility was non-existent as thick torrents of rain  came crashing down from every angle. Squinting, all I could discern was a small spider on the other side of the glass grasping onto it’s web for dear life. Don’t these things come with windshield wipers? Hmm. Maybe I should invent that… er not.. The rain came down in a series of waves ripping tree limbs and throwing them around my porch like helpless rag-dolls.  As my eyes slowly acclimated to the darkness of the room, my eyes lit up with every flash of lightning.  Pressing my nose against the window pane for a better look, I started to regain my senses from the sleepy stupor I found myself in and realized that maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea to sit so close to these “bolts of death” being rained down from heaven. Sliding the blinds open, I  let out a loud scream as my neighbors cat(whom I affectionately call Snickers) began hissing and pawing ferociously at my window. (maybe I should name this cat satan..(just for tonight).. Honestly, I sat thinking “Dude, if you break my window, you’ll be one sorry kitty.” Yes, I wanted to be a good Samaritan and bring this poor helpless creature out of the rain however I also cherish my face and wanted to keep that intact for at least a few more years.. So, I prayed that it wouldn’t get electrocuted and went back to my business.

Back to the storm- how often do we find ourselves in the midst of a violent-raging sea instead of  resting in the calm-still waters? How often do we lose perpsective causing us to spiral into a sea of fear and forget that God has given us an expectation of promise and hope? Inching back onto the rug and hugging my knees to my chest, I found myself pondering the storm. Not the literal storm shaking the external world  but the storm that rages around us for our life, and purpose. A feeling of meekness came over me as I watched the storm rattling the outside world. It’s power amazed me and forced me to my knees. I can’t fight these storms alone can I God? Their strength is simply bigger than I can handle in my own humanity.  Then, a gentle  voice spoke to me in the midst of the chaos. Peace be still, my child. Fear not, for I am with you. Immediately, I knew it was the voice of the Lord comforting me in the storm.  Glancing over at the clock, I realized that it was past my bedtime( twleve’oclock) so I dragged myself into bed again.  

Closing my eyes to sleep, it was hard to ignore the presence of the storm and the lighting that danced on top of my eyelids with every crack of thunder. God wanted me to be restful-still. Could I do that? Could I rest assured during the waves of life that so often seem to pull me beneath the undercurrent? There wasn’t a choice, I would have to. I would have to find a way to rest during the storms of life and not occupy those seasons with doubt and unbelief in regards to the promises God.

 The rain quieted down and slowed to a mere trickle as it hit the water-drain below the wooden roof. Pitter, pat, pitter, pater, drip, drip, drip. Silence. The storm ceased and the silence of night once again filled the room. All I could reflect upon was the peace in knowing that I made it through the storm. Others will most assuredly come, however I know where my peace finds it’s dwelling place. Life in perspective breeds a greater reality; that the reality of the storm raging in the external pales in comparison to the peace of God residing in the internal.  Like anything else in life, storms are only for a season. When the rain subsides, the sun will always rise again.

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  1. Such a talented writer you are! Can’t believe you left your beloved Snikers -aka Satan in the crazy storm!! haha jk… Kaboom-Flash – Shawna wake up and put these stories together and get them out and about! =)

  2. Such a talented writer you are! Can’t believe you left your beloved Snikers -aka Satan in the crazy storm!! haha jk… Kaboom-Flash – Shawna wake up and put these stories together and get them out and about! =)

  3. Poor Kitty. perhaps if he would have been more meek instead of being all mad and hissy, he might have been let in and comforted.

  4. Man, this Kitty is getting a lot of press. So here’s the deal people. I love kitties as much as the next person but this thing was VIOLENTLY HISSING.. All I could picture was this dripping wet cat flying at my face as I cracked open the slidding glass door. and point b- I didn’t want the soaking wet cat to go darting through my house.. I can see it now; shawna chasing cat around house for two hours, fearing protective head gear, and trying to stay dry….

    I love cats, I do. Just not soaking wet hissing ones…

  5. And legomaster: Yes, perhaps that is a very insightful parallel. Kudos to you!

  6. This is so good, Shawna!

    Resting in God is such a tough thing to do. I wrote a recent post on resting in God in seasons of weariness and exhaustion. I think the overall concept is the same though: our ability to rest in God is not determined by our external circumstances.

    Great reminder!

  7. Hey- I’m great! Thanks for commenting on my site! This blog was fantastic- you are an amazing writer that God is definitely using!

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